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Attuning to the Seasons – Autumn Workshop September 16th – Grow Yoga Studio, Clonakilty.

In this workshop you will learn to incorporate the philosophy of Chinese Medicine into your autumn routine, allowing yourself to embrace change while finding a sense of stability within the transition.

You will learn how to prepare for the season ahead and how to support your emotional and physical health. You will learn a breathing technique to support your immune system and you will experience a breathwork session which will focus on letting go of what you no longer need so that you can better clarify your true path.

In Chinese Medicine, each season is associated with specific elements, organs, emotions, and qualities. Autumn, as a transitional period between the yang (active) energy of summer and the yin (passive) energy of winter, holds its own unique significance in this philosophy:

  1. Element: Metal Autumn is aligned with the Metal element, which represents clarity, purity, and structure. Just as metal can be refined and shaped, this season is seen as a time for inner refinement and letting go of what no longer serves us.

  2. Organs: Lungs and Large Intestine. The Lungs and Large Intestine are the organs associated with autumn. The Lungs receive the qi of the air and mix it with the qi extracted from food. This nourishes all of the organs and is of particular importance in protecting the surfaces of the body from viruses, bacteria, and other invading pathogens. The Large Intestine, on the other hand, symbolises the letting go process, both physically and emotionally, as it eliminates waste from the body.

  3. Emotions: Grief and Letting Go. Autumn is linked to emotions of grief and sadness. Just as the trees shed their leaves, this season encourages us to release what no longer serves us and embrace the impermanence of life. It's a time to honour memories and experiences while making space for new beginnings.

  4. Qi Quality: Gathering and Descending. The Qi of autumn has a descending and contracting quality. It's a time when energy begins to turn inward and gather, much like the harvest season. This energy supports introspection, focusing on what's essential, and preparing for the quietude of winter.

  5. Yin and Yang Balance: As Yang energy wanes and Yin energy grows, autumn is a period of balance between light and darkness, warmth and cold. It's a harmonious transition where the opposing forces find equilibrium.

  6. Harvest and Gratitude: Autumn is a time of reaping the rewards of one's efforts, both metaphorically and literally. The harvest symbolises the fruits of our labour and encourages gratitude for the abundance in our lives.

  7. Self-Care and Protection: As the climate becomes cooler and dryer, the body is more susceptible to ailments related to the Lungs, such as respiratory issues. Self-care practices during this season may involve nourishing the lungs with moistening foods, staying hydrated, and protecting oneself from cold and wind.

In the workshop you will learn about all of this in more detail. You will also have the opportunity to slow down, connect with your breath, relax and rejuvenate


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