Nutritious Movement - Nutritious Food

As today is National Fitness day in Ireland, I thought I would write a post highlighting the importance of nutritious food and movement. I have been following Katy Bowman who coined the phrase 'nutritious movement' for the last few months. She is really inspiring and is definitely worth checking out. Her website is She talks about how sedentary our lives have become with office work, driving, sitting at computers, watching tv etc. Looking back over a typical day the average person (myself included) sits a lot! Katy has great ideas about how to incorporate more movement in to our daily lives. Often times we put things in to categories, exercise being one of th

Easy Energy Balls

I gave a talk on nutrition for energy at our free baby massage morning at Solace Holistic Centre. Here is the recipe for the energy balls th

Kids Lunchbox Ideas

It is school time again! Back to the routine of preparing lunches for the kids every day. I have noticed in the last few years that I start out really well with lunch box ideas, but as the weeks go on variety begins to lack and lunches start looking the same from one day to the next! This year I hope to vary it more and to keep it interesting and tasty for them. A typical school lunch for my 6 year old boy would usually consist of an almond butter sandwich, cut up cucumber, carrot, apple, some berries or olives, and a few dates or raisins. Fruit and vegetables are a good way to get lots of colour in to kids lunchboxes. Go with the seasons and pack lots of berries at the beginning of the scho

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