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All treatments can be booked as individual treatments or combined. I offer 60 min, 75 min and 90 min sessions. I recommend 60 mins for a reflexology treatment, holistic facial or back massage. The 75 min and 90 min sessions are ideal for breath therapy, full body massage or a combination of treatments  

Breath Therapy

Introspective Breathwork™ Therapy involves using the breath as a tool to go inward and connect with ourselves. The breath is intimately connected to our emotions and state of being. Through Introspective Breathwork™, we can access and release deeply held emotions and traumas that might be stored in our bodies. As we breathe deeply and intentionally, we signal to our nervous system that it's safe to let go, promoting a sense of ease and calm within ourselves. 

Breath is life.

Your breath connects you to your body. It gets to the root of what is holding you back and enables you to feel free.

Breath therapy can be combined with massage and reflexology.

Girl Relaxing

Massage Therapy

Allow yourself to let go of tension and stress; relax and recharge. Whether you have pain, muscle tightness or simply want time out, I use a range of techniques and pressure to tailor my massage treatments for you.  


Reflexology supports the health of the body through reflex points on the feet. It induces relaxation and eases pain in the body. Reflexology can be beneficial for hormonal issues, fertility, digestive issues, anxiety, migraines/headaches and in pregnancy.

It can be booked as an individual treatment or combined with massage and/or breath therapy.

Foot Reflexology
Head Massage

Holistic Facial

I use a combination of gua sha tools, massage techniques and pressure points of the face and head to bring about relaxation and to improve skin tone and texture. This rejuvenates the face and lets you glow from the inside out.

Treatment Times and Prices

60 min


Choose this time slot for an individual treatment, such as a massage, holistic facial, reflexology treatment or breathwork session

75 min


Choose this time slot for your first breathwork session, a full body massage, or a combination of massage and reflexology

90 min


Choose this time slot for a combination of breath and body treatments and to allow yourself to deeply relax, release and revitalise

To book, text Sarah on 087 6080103 or email

I offer virtual breathwork sessions through Zoom. These session are 75 minutes and provide support and guidance for you to explore areas where you might feel stuck or need to clear emotional blocks. Breathing techniques help to release and ultimately bring clarity and a sense of wellbeing.

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