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My experience with breathwork began in Amsterdam in 2006. It connected me to my body and gave me the realisation that I was in control of my health and my life. Diving deeper into breathwork and becoming a breathwork facilitator has enabled me to make deeper connections and become more self aware. It has helped release held emotional blocks and has opened up my creativity. My breath is my greatest tool for self regulation, reflection and for tapping in to my inner wisdom.


I love knowledge and am always learning. Here are some of my teachers and trainings that have inspired me:

Crawford College of Art and Design 1999-2001

Diploma in Massage Therapy 2003

International Oriental College, Amsterdam 2006-2011

  • Chinese Massage

  • Aesthetic Acupuncture

  • Wudang Fitness Instructor

  • Inner Alchemy training

  • Meditation and Breath

  • Chinese Medicine Theory

Diploma in Nutritional Therapy 2016

Diploma in Reflexology 2019

Certified Breathwork Instructor taught by Michael Bijker 2022

Breathwork Facilitator - One Breath Institute 2022

Breathwork Practitioner training with One Breath Institute 2022 -present

Kimberly Ann Johnson - various webinars and readings

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