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Exam Time - Snacks for Studying

Exam time is here. Nerves can set in, and last minute studying can be stressful, making students tired. Here are a few simple snack ideas to sustain energy and to feed their brain while studying:

Walnuts and Berries - walnuts are sometimes called the ultimate 'brain food.' This is because they are high in DHA, an essential fat which has been shown to support cognitive function. The nice balance of protein, fats and carbs in this snack will keep energy stable too.

Yogurt with toasted pumpkin seeds & blueberries - the zinc in pumpkin seeds is said to improve short term memory, while the blueberries are high in vitamin C to support the immune system. Mixed through full fat yogurt makes a very tasty, balanced snack.

Whole grain toast with avocado and egg - Eggs contain choline which supports brain function and memory, avocado is a healthy fat for the brain (the brain itself is 60% fat so it needs healthy fats to function optimally), and whole grain toast gives sustained energy.

Healthy snacking will help to avoid energy crashes and improve concentration. Also remember to get fresh air and a little exercise to support blood flow to the brain.

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