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I believe that every one of us has the potential to experience a vibrant and balanced life. My therapies are not just treatments; they are gateways to self-discovery and transformation. Whether you seek relief from physical discomfort, emotional healing or simply a moment of deep relaxation, I am here to support you.

Benefits of Breath Therapy

  • Increases clarity

  • Unblocks stuck emotions

  • Increases oxygen flow

  • Greater awareness

  • Improves cardiovascular health

  • Decreases anxiety

  • Feel more grounded

  • Connect to self

  • Access inner wisdom

  • Experience altered states of consciousness

  • Reconnect with your creativity

  • Reduce stress

Benefits of Body Therapy

I offer massage therapy and reflexology combined with breath therapy, or as individual treatments.  Relieve stress and tension and give your body the opportunity to release and recharge.

  • Release tension

  • Reduce stress

  • Ease pain and muscle tightness

  • Increase energy flow

  • Support wellbeing


Breathwork Clonakilty

Breath Therapy

Breath Therapy involves using the breath as a tool to go inward and connect with ourselves. The breath is intimately connected to our emotions and state of being. Through Introspective Breathwork™, we can access and release deeply held emotions and traumas that might be stored in our bodies. As we breathe deeply and intentionally, we signal to our nervous system that it's safe to let go, promoting a sense of ease and calm within ourselves. 

Massage Therapy

Allow yourself to let go of tension and stress; relax and recharge. Whether you have pain, muscle tightness or simply want time out, I use a range of techniques and pressure to tailor my massage treatments for you. 

Massage Clonakilty
Reflexology Clonakilty


Reflexology supports the health of the body through reflex points on the feet. It induces relaxation and eases pain in the body. Reflexology is used for hormonal issues, fertility, digestive issues, migraines/headaches, in pregnancy and for anxiety/stress relief. It can be an individual treatment or combined with massage and/or breath therapy.

To book, text Sarah on 0876080103 or email

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