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Breathwork is the science and art of breath awareness and breath control. Harnessing the power of the breath brings health benefits and a greater capacity to live life with ease,

Breath is life.

Consciously connecting to our breath expands our awareness and opens us up to the wisdom of the body and the power of the breath.

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Benefits of Breathwork

  • Increases clarity

  • Unblocks stuck emotions

  • Increases oxygen flow

  • Greater awareness

  • Improves cardiovascular health

  • Decreases anxiety

  • Feel more grounded

  • Connection to self

  • Access inner wisdom

  • Experience altered states of consciousness

  • Reconnect with your creativity

  • Reduce stress

Book a Breathwork Session


1-1 Breathwork Session

Virtual 1 -1 sessions provide support and guidance for you to explore areas where you might feel stuck or want to increase awareness. Breathing techniques help to release and ultimately bring clarity and a sense of wellbeing.

Virtual Group Session

Drop-In virtual breathwork sessions with a different theme each class. Release, recharge and relax through a guided breathwork practice from the comfort of your own home.

Eyes Closed


I facilitate workshops in-person and online. Themes vary from seasonal sessions to natural cycles to focused breathwork. No prior experience required.

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